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LA SPA by Sisley Paris offers an immersive and multisensory experience within a distinctive setting that revisits and redefines the past. Transforming what was once the Salt Customs on the harbor, it now stands as an oasis of natural therapies and ancient rituals, harnessing the therapeutic benefits of salt and the soothing properties of water.

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Opening hours

Daily, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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Sisley Paris' Phyto-Aromatic treatments provide an immersion into the sensory universe of a luxury brand renowned for the exceptional quality and unparalleled effectiveness of its cosmetic products. Drawing from the brand's expertise in utilizing natural plant extracts and essential oils, these globally-inspired rituals, developed in harmony with local traditions, seamlessly blend with the advantages of aromatherapy, fostering profound harmony between body and mind. Meticulously conceived with utmost attention to detail, these treatments encompass specific gestures tailored to meet the unique needs of each guest.

ROMEO Napoli La Spa (1)


The Fitness Center is a space to stay in shape, train, and release daily stress in a meticulously designed environment equipped with ample spaces. Over 30 of the finest Technogym equipment, for cardio workouts, bodybuilding equipment, dedicated spaces for bodyweight exercises, and a movement studio dedicated to functional activities. In the fitness area of ROMEO Naples, you'll also find the exclusive scale with lean mass and fat mass calculation to use before and after your workout.

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