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An interior design inspired by the landscape, for a truly immersive and relaxing stay

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Tailored to every impulse

Intuitively guided service must be perfectly paired to every unique guest for a tailored journey from the warm welcome to the fond farewell. ROMEO Massa Lubrense is your concierge, your home, and your trusted guide in Naples.

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Hotel info

  • Location
    Natural Retreat, immerse in the pristine location of Massa Lubrense
  • Design
    Kengo Kuma & Associates
  • Accommodations
    63 rooms and suites with private gardens
  • Restaurants & Bars
    Gourmet Restaurant / Lounge bar
  • Pool
    Panoramic pools and solarium terraces
  • Beach & Yacht
    Beach Club / Private Fjord / Yacht docking Pier
  • Spa
    La SPA Sisley Paris
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