Integrated Environmental and Quality Management System

Over time, Romeo Alberghi has obtained further certifications in other major areas and implemented an Integrated Environmental, Quality and Social Accountability Management System with the objective of relentlessly improving the following aspects in a systematic and coordinated manner.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System

231/01 Organizational Model

By a resolution of the Board of Directors of July 27, 2017, Romeo Alberghi has adopted the management and control Model called in Italian “Modello 231/01″, the Company Ethics Code and at the same time appointed a supervisory board called “Organismo di Vigilanza Collegiale”.

The Supervisory Board is a body with independence in the execution of control and is a staff unit in an absolutely free from the chain of command position, with report functions only at the highest corporate levels of the Company. The Supervisory Board has the task of monitoring all potentially sensitive operations and to set up an effective internal communication system to enable the transmission and collection of information relevant to the Italian law D.lgs. 231/01.

In this regard the reports to the Supervisory Board can relate to violations or alleged violations, as facts, ordinary and extraordinary, relevant to the implementation and effectiveness of the Model 231.